MERTIL for the Maternal and Child Health Nurse Workforce

LOGIN: MERTIL Users Prior To June 2019

The MERTIL program was developed in 2018 for the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Workforce, and is now being prepared for additional workforces. The MERTIL website is home to a wide range of learning resources about early relational trauma, created by MERTIL’s specialist team. If you are eligible to access this training, information about registration will be sent to you by the MERTIL team. MERTIL offers:

  • Eight online chapters about Early Relational Trauma (total time approximately 10 hours);
  • A large library, including podcasts, factsheets, readings, webinars; and links to other resources
  • Registration for MERTIL clinical skills workshops

MERTIL Family Violence Leadership Training for Maternal and Child Health Nurse Coordinators 2019

The MERTIL team has been commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Service to provide training for coordinators of the Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Workforce to assist with implementation of the Victorian Family Violence reforms. This training includes

  • 6 online chapters (duration about 2 hours)
  • A library with fact sheets, podcasts and links to resources;
  • Access to a half-day face to face leadership workshop.

Pre-registration is required for this program.